Some of you will recognize the subject of this blog as the title of renowned designer Alan Flecther’s book of the same title. Phaidon describes his book as “a playful graphics and creative wordplay”; I like to use the term to talk ekphrastic poetry.
The New York Times has a series they call “A Picture and a Poem” which features “a never-before-published poem, paired with a newly commissioned work of contemporary art.”
I think this is quite an interesting twist on the usual manner in which we hear about poetry and art interacting. As a poet it is quite inspiring to see the written word treated as a serious piece of art that can also be interpreted visually (not only in the concrete manner), not just the other way around.

There really are some really interesting pairings, check out the full listing of them here

Here is a link to Alan Fletcher’s book Picturing and Poeting by Phaidon